• Fudge Cakes


    fudgyboombahs can cater for large events such as weddings, parties and functions. It’s just over 5 years since fudgyboombahs was born. There are now dozens of new fudge recipes. Most new ideas come from fudgyboombah customers. While Mrs. fudgyboombah usually works behind the scenes literally whipping up hundreds of kilos of excellent fudge, Mr. fudgyboombah revels in the adulation his customers shower upon him, and his very capable staff. Email mr.fudgyboombah@gmail.com

    • Large Minkplush Wombat

      Large Minkplush Wombat

    • Sheila Emu

      Sheila Emu

    • Sharlene Emu

      Sharlene Emu

    • Red Golliwogs

      Red Golliwogs

    • Pink Golliwogs

      Pink Golliwogs

    • Purple Golliwogs

      Purple Golliwogs

    • Plush Emus

      Plush Emus

    • Kangaroo with Baby Koala

      Kangaroo with Baby Koala

    • Kangaroo with Baby Koala Large

      Kangaroo with Baby Koala Large

    • Plush Kangaroos with Koalas

      Plush Kangaroos with Koalas

    • G’day Kangaroo small

      G’day Kangaroo small

    • Gday Kangaroos

      Gday Kangaroos

    • Kanga


    • square coasters

      square coasters

    • Black Licorice

      Black Licorice

    • Red Licorice

      Red Licorice