Butterscotch Fudge in its purest form. Nothing else added.
Bold ginger flavour in Dark Chocolate Fudge. What could be better?
Mr. fudgyboombah likes this one. With a hint of chocolate,it’s sure to please Kahluafans everywhere.
Made with sugar and condensed milk. The hard, crumbly fudge Nan used to make. The memories will come flooding back.
Anything with caramel is popular.Nothing added here. Just that pure caramel flavour. Mr. fudgyboombah’s favourite caramel.
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A Montville Tourist Destination

20 years since of Montville’s famous fudge

While Mrs. fudgyboombah usually works behind the scenes literally whipping up hundreds of kilos of excellent fudge, Mr. fudgyboombah revels in the adulation his customers shower upon him, and his very capable staff….