Attention, all you chocoholics. Layers of white, milk and dark chocolate fudges. Yes please!
You won’t believe this when you try it. Fudge that tastes just like Christmas Pud. It’s even got a thin layer of Custard Fudge on top! Only available for the 6 weeks before Christmas.
The children’s favourite. Looks like Bubblegum, tastes like Bubblegum, but if you try to blow bubbles with it, your shirt will look like something Mr. fudgyboombah might wear. Safe to swallow, too.
Dad’s favourite. Smooth as. Made with Bundaberg’s famous rum.
One of the best. Refreshing Chocolate and Peppermint flavour, preferred by Mr. fudgyboombah, especially after he’s scoffed a Greek Salad.
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A Montville Tourist Destination

20 years since of Montville’s famous fudge

While Mrs. fudgyboombah usually works behind the scenes literally whipping up hundreds of kilos of excellent fudge, Mr. fudgyboombah revels in the adulation his customers shower upon him, and his very capable staff….